World Environment Day 2021: making real progress on aviation sustainability in Europe

On World Environment Day, discover the latest promising initiatives focused on helping aviation achieve the ambitious net zero goal of the European Green Deal, and our efforts to help the industry reach those goals.

Drawing on our environmental expertise and unique aviation sustainability data, we’re fully committed to helping our stakeholders improve operational efficiency, decrease their environmental footprint and identify sustainability opportunities. Find out more about our recent work below:

Aviation Sustainability Briefing

Aviation Sustainability Briefing

The latest news and views on how we can make aviation sustainable together.

EUROCONTROL Think papers

A thought-provoking series of studies.

Airplane flying over a train

EUROCONTROL Think Paper #11 – Plane and train: Getting the balance right

How can the transport sector reduce its emissions most effectively?

Green airplane flying over a biofuel tank

EUROCONTROL Think Paper #10 - Flying the ‘perfect green flight

How can we make every journey as environmentally friendly as possible?

Modern airplane on landing strip

EUROCONTROL Think Paper #7 - Does taxing aviation really reduce emissions?

Do taxes on aviation effectively contribute to reducing emissions?

Fuel tankering in European skies

EUROCONTROL Think Paper #1 - Fuel tankering in European skies: economic benefits and environmental impact

What is the impact of fuel tankering in Europe's skies?

EUROCONTROL Stakeholder Forum

Dealing with the key issues to build back better aviation.

Stakeholder Forum

EUROCONTROL Stakeholder Forum on on aviation’s impact on non-CO₂ emissions

Stakeholder Forum

EUROCONTROL Stakeholder Forum on airside electrification at airports

Stakeholder Forum

EUROCONTROL Stakeholder Forum on aviation sustainability