Working with the UN, ICAO and NATO to counter aviation terrorism

NEASCOG #58 participants

NEASCOG workshop reinforces a collaborative approach to prevent aviation security threats

NEASCOG, the NATO-EUROCONTROL Air Traffic Management Security Coordinating Group, has jointly hosted a workshop with the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism (UN-OCT) in the framework of the Programme on Threat Assessment Models for Aviation Security (TAM Programme). The two-day event (15-16 March 2023) took place at EUROCONTROL headquarters in Brussels, and consolidated case studies and best practices to prevent and counter aviation terrorism.

During the event, NEASCOG participants engaged in hands-on exercises to assess different threat assessment approaches for aviation security. The results gathered will be consolidated into a repository of case studies and best practices.

Implemented in partnership with ICAO, the International Civil Aviation Organization, UNOCT's TAM Programme provides Member States with a customised and practical toolkit to identify, record and assess threat inputs and to inform the timely implementation of measures to prevent aviation terrorism in line with relevant international obligations. Since 2020, the Programme has been working closely with NATO and EUROCONTROL counterparts to advance priorities that prevent and counter aviation terrorism – a topic that has risen in importance in the current European security context, with cyberattacks and military threats on the rise.

This kind of close collaboration is essential for ensuring both military mission effectiveness and the safe, efficient operations of the European aviation network, and exemplifies the strong civil-military cooperation that is at the heart of the "Raise the bar" EUROCONTROL 2030 programme.

Raising the bar:
Building EUROCONTROL 2030

Technology, innovation, international engagement, and people are the key drivers that will allow us to achieve our goals and keep delivering tangible added value to the aviation community.

Raising the bar: Building EUROCONTROL 2030

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