Updated Work Programme signed with the European Commission on SES Performance and Charging Schemes and technical support on the SES2+ proposal

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The updated Work Programme signed on 17 December by Philippe Merlo, EUROCONTROL Director European Civil-Military Aviation, and Filip Cornelis, Director for Aviation at the European Commission’s DG MOVE, details how EUROCONTROL will continue to cooperate with the European Commission in the area of the Single European Sky (SES) Performance and Charging Schemes as well as providing technical support in respect to the SES2+ proposal.

The Work Programme draws on EUROCONTROL’s unparalleled technical expertise and resources in the field of performance and charging, and maximises synergies.

EUROCONTROL has helped us make significant progress in the execution of the performance and charging scheme work programme. This revision takes stock of this success and extends it to future work in relation to the Performance and Charging Scheme and the exceptional measures for RP3 following the COVID crisis.

Filip Cornelis Director for Aviation European Commission (DG MOVE)

“This work programme implements the cooperation agreement which was signed in June 2018 with the EC, which has proven to be a powerful cooperation tool between our two organisations.”

Philippe Merlo Director European Civil-Military Aviation EUROCONTROL

This revised Work Programme and associated Work Plan update longer-term EC-EUROCONTROL cooperation in the areas of performance and charging signed on 14 June 2018 and includes:

  • Conducting annual technical assessments of the compliance of unit rates, including reporting on costs exempt from cost sharing;
  • Working on the US-Europe performance comparisons in cooperation with the FAA;
  • Promoting global and regional performance measurement within ICAO;
  • Providing technical support to the Commission on request in respect of topics related to the SES2+ proposal;
  • Providing expert advice to the Commission and the PRB in the development of EU-wide targets for RP3 as well as in the assessment of RP3 performance plans;
  • Seconding experts to DG MOVE to support working on performance and charging.

The Work Programme and associated Work Plan will be reviewed and amended on a regular basis.

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