Talking to women in tech to get more women in aviation

The audience at the European Women in tech 2019 opening speech.

Encouraging women to pursue a career in aviation and fostering gender equality across the industry.

EUROCONTROL has in place a wide and diversified number of initiatives to attract talented female candidates for technical and managerial positions, while supporting inclusion and diversity in the aviation sector.

As part of this commitment and business strategy, the Agency decided to sponsor and take an active part in the European women in technology (EWIT) event, the largest and most reputed “women in tech” event in mainland Europe and one of the most important gender diversity events in the world.

On 26 and 27 November, our team of women experts was present on site with a dedicated stand to share their path and let visitors know more about the Agency’s mission and activities. An HR representative supported our female experts and provided detailed explanations about current and future job opportunities at the Agency. EWIT 2019 allowed our team to reach out to a large audience of women of all ages who have embraced a career in the technical fields and who showed genuine interest in what a technical organisation like EUROCONTROL does and can offer.  

The conference was created for women and by women committed to the same goal: to disrupt, empower and change.

The opening presentation at the European women in tech 2019

European Women in Tech 2019 - the EUROCONTROL experience

EWIT is not just about industry-leading content. It is about changing mentalities, working culture and practice. We cannot do that as individuals. We can only do it together.

Michaela Jeffery-Morrison Founder of the women in technology world series

The event’s ‘agents of change’ included representatives from AstraZeneca, Adobe, Dell Technologies, Google, Microsoft, and many more exhibiting at the event. Hundreds of inspirational and motivational tech leaders provided tips for success in male-oriented and technology-driven businesses. Visitors could connect with a diversified range of senior professionals from the various industries which are experiencing significant digital disruption.

Diversity and inclusion – a business priority

The event focused on innovation, inclusion and diversity as key drivers in our fast evolving society. Any organisation, be it private or public, should – as a matter of priority – combine these three enablers to ensure the success of its business and achieve a competitive business advantage.

EWIT 2019 in numbers


all-female attendees







Companies which embrace diversity and inclusion in all aspects of their business statistically outperform their peers (cf. Josh Bersin’s study) and companies with more women board directors outperform others by 53% (cf. ‘The role of company culture in the inclusion, development and retention of women’ by Google).

Company culture impacts diversity and inclusion efforts at all levels and presents multiple challenges and opportunities in achieving the attraction and career development of good female candidates. In order to obtain greater levels of engagement, a comprehensive approach across key pillars of the culture is essential. This needs to take into consideration, amongst other things, equity and fairness in employee processes, raising awareness about bias and how to address them, committing all levels of the company to transparency and mutual support.

As a public service organisation, EUROCONTROL is driven by the principles of transparency, fairness, equal opportunities and non-discrimination. At the same time, we are undertaking some major transformational changes and many opportunities will arise out of them to attain workplace equality and facilitate inclusiveness.

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