Taking SWIM to the next level with two new digital platforms

SWIM, the System Wide Information Management concept spearheaded by EUROCONTROL, is designed to enable seamless information access and interchange between all providers and users of ATM information and services.

It takes information management business practices from the ICT sector, such as Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and the use of open standards and web technologies, and it applies them to ATM. The latest SWIM developments launched this month – the SWIM Reference and SWIM Registry digital platforms - will help ATM stakeholders further discover, understand, adopt and implement SWIM.

SWIM Reference is a one-stop-shop for all essential information about SWIM service implementations based on the EUROCONTROL SWIM Specifications. The SWIM Registry complements SWIM Reference. It consists of a European repository for consolidated information about SWIM services that have been implemented based on SWIM standards. Both platforms are supported by EUROCONTROL’s extensive SWIM expertise.

Collaboration has been at the heart of the SWIM idea from the very start. These new digital initiatives will help the growing SWIM community to accelerate the pace of SWIM service development and implementation. We also expect SWIM implementers to gain mutual benefit from these platforms by sharing their experience and progress achieved with their service developments.

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These two new platforms are the direct outcome of a highly successful SWIM Service Implementation Workshop organised by the EUROCONTROL Network Manager’s Information and Cyber Unit and the SESAR Deployment Manager, and held in late 2019 at EUROCONTROL’s Brussels HQ.

Bringing existing and future SWIM Implementers under one roof drawn from ANSPs, industry partners, meteorological alliances and other SWIM pioneers, the workshop shared experiences and demonstrated SWIM service implementations based on the three SWIM Specifications for Service Description, Information Definition and Technical Infrastructure that had been published in 2018 by EUROCONTROL to help spur the adoption and implementation of SWIM services.  A major conclusion of the workshop – that better access to SWIM reference and supporting materials would further boost SWIM adoption – has now been addressed with these two new platforms.