Supporting NATO and partners to test successfully Rapid Air Mobility across the European network

An ambulance is parked near the rear exit of an Alenia C-27J Spartan military cargo plane from the Bulgarian Air Force that landed on a military airbase during a drill.

In crises, essential equipment, supplies and personnel need to be fast-tracked across the European aviation network – which is where Rapid Air Mobility (RAM) comes in.

RAM was first activated early on in the pandemic to move vital medical supplies fast across Europe, and is designed to fast-track the airlift of essential items and personnel .

Late-April saw a large-scale 3-day exercise successfully test the RAM procedures, with the EUROCONTROL Network Manager (NM) working alongside NATO and flight planning teams from 12 nations.

The test demonstrated that allied aircraft can be deployed quickly in a crisis situation. The EUROCONTROL NM worked in a key coordination role with our partners to stress-test deployment planning, and coordinate the simulated deployment of allied aircraft allowing faster cross-border military movements.