Supporting European aviation through the pandemic with a massively expanded digital training offer

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IANS Online Training

EUROCONTROL’s Institute of Air Navigation Services (IANS) in Luxembourg, has been pioneering online learning for many years as part of its aviation training offer.

In 2020, with the pandemic closing borders and imposing travel restrictions, our Training team responded by transforming over 50 of our popular classroom training courses into virtual ‘online classroom’ courses, with multiple sessions and often including projects and self-study, as well as offering over 80 focused online webinar briefings, in addition to an impressive range of e-learning courses.

That has translated into significant numbers of aviation stakeholders continuing to maintain their professional training despite the constraints imposed by the pandemic. Since the beginning of the crisis, around 123,000 stakeholders have engaged with IANS online, well up on the 94,600 participants who attended one of our popular e-learning courses in 2019. In total since March 2020, more than 118,000 hours of online training have been delivered to:

  • 16,438 participants who have completed an e-learning course;
  • 95,000+ participants who are in the middle of an e-learning journey;
  • 11,370 webinar participants;
  • 796 virtual course participants attending 37 online classroom courses delivered 63 times.
IANS Online Training

In addition, IANS has also recently started to deliver physical classroom courses again in Luxembourg in strict compliance with health and safety regulations, with a significantly reduced number of participants to ensure physical distancing can be maintained during classes. So far, 90 participants have attended 17 classroom courses.

Looking forward to 2021, IANS’s recently published 2021 EUROCONTROL Training Brochure envisages around 50 virtual classroom courses (all of them brand-new), 35 e-learning courses (10 brand-new), and 115 different physically distanced classroom courses at IANS. A high number of webinars will also be offered at shorter notice throughout the year.

For a full overview of possible training courses, visit our dedicated website.

2021 EUROCONTROL Training Brochure

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