Users of the European AIS Database (EAD) – EUROCONTROL’s common source of aeronautical information – can now benefit from a major update, delivered in the 12th release. Based on their needs, this release’s system upgrades brings users enhanced data quality, better service stability and more resilience.

The EAD upgrades:

  • enable data temporality
  • give enhanced data quality
  • allow users to transition to a more recent aeronautical information exchange format, AIXM 5.1.

Connectivity has also been improved in the 12th release by moving the technical and operational centres to NewPENS – an ultra-resilient network spearheaded by EUROCONTROL. This move promises to strengthen the reliability and fortify the security of aviation data flows.

A firm grasp on EAD’s future

The EAD Service Steering Group is one of EUROCONTROL’s many active stakeholder groups. It gives user feedback on our EAD services and prepares a clear upgrade path for our user-facing systems.

Meeting on 5-6 November 2019 at our headquarters, the EAD/SSG discussed the new upgrade. They also explored possible future developments. They agreed that, in the short-term, the focus will be on addressing critical user and operational needs, as well as regulatory requirements. These will include a new format for the SNOWTAM and the digitalisation of aeronautical information through ICAO’s digital data sets

EAD SSG meeting members at EUROCONTROL HQ

"We have taken on board our SSG members’ concerns stemming from deployment issues as well as the need to accelerate operational transitions to new services. This kind of constructive feedback and discussion help us to improve our processes and so enhances the EAD customer experience. As part of our improvement efforts, we are also reaching out to industry partners with the aim of delivering faster on the changes they want."

In addressing the EAD SSG, he recognised that there is still a lot to do to improve and gave his full commitment to modernise EAD as part of the new integrated Network Management (iNM), the IT system modernisation programme and investment plan.


The European Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) Database (EAD) is a centralised reference database of quality-assured aeronautical information that enables users to retrieve and download AIS data in real time. 

It provides instant access to the most up-to-date digital aeronautical information from the ECAC and ECAC+ areas, from Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs), pre-flight information bulletins (PIBs), briefing facility services and the AIP library.

EAD is the world’s largest aeronautical information management (AIM) system.

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