Significant implementation progress as top airports increasingly turn to Point Merge, EUROCONTROL’s innovative arrival sequencing technique

Point Merge news October 2021

Point Merge, the innovative way of sequencing arrival flows developed by the EUROCONTROL Innovation Hub, improves situational awareness and safety at airports, lightens controller workload, and, as an important benefit, supports continuous descent operations even under high traffic pressure.

The latest airport to implement Point Merge is Zhengzhou-Xinzheng, China’s 12th largest airport in terms of passenger movements. Zhengzhou becomes the 4th Chinese airport to adopt Point Merge, following successful implementation at Shanghai-Pudong, Guangzhou-Baiyun and Shenzhen-Bao’an in previous years – China’s 2nd, 3rd and 5th busiest airports, with Shanghai and Guangzhou both making it into the world’s top 20 airports pre-pandemic.

The four other Point Merge implementations at major airports this year (Mexico City International, Toluca, Guadalajara, and São Paulo-Guarulhos) bring the total of Point Merge airports to 37 since initial deployments in 2011/12 in Oslo and Dublin, spanning 19 countries across 4 continents.

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