Showcasing our contribution to innovation in ATM to DG Research & Innovation

8 February 2018

Wednesday 7 February saw EUROCONTROL’s Experimental Centre (EEC) at Brétigny welcome Clara de la Torre, Director Transport at the European Commission’s DG Research & Innovation. DG Research & Innovation is a leader in the European research arena, responsible in particular for the “Innovation Union”, the EU strategy to create an innovation-friendly environment enabling creative ideas to be turned into products and services. The visit was designed to explore together the latest thinking in European ATM R&D, with dedicated showcase presentations on core activities of the EEC such as:

  • European Wake Vortex Recategorisation (RECAT-EU) and Time Based Separation (TBS), which aim at safely increasing airport capacity by redefining wake turbulence categories and managing their associated separation minima;
  • Drones (RPAS – Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems), taking a look at current status for R&D regarding the integration of the very demanding and growing market of small low-altitude drones (VLL – very low level);
  • User Driven Prioritisation Process (UDPP) which aims at taking into account Airspace Users priorities during congestion and crisis periods;
  • The prototype of a future flow management position for the implementation of short-term ATFM measures, to avoid regulations (ground departure delays).

The visit also provided an opportunity to visit EEC’s impressive simulation facilities, which allow EUROCONTROL to carry out real-time (and large scale) airspace simulations in support of new airspace design projects and network operational concepts and procedures, such as the recent successful trials with DHMI Turkey to run a series of real-time simulation sessions regarding the airspace design of the new Istanbul Grand Airport.

Ms de la Torre praised the visit for demonstrating how “when we invest in technology and when we invest together, we can be stronger, brighter and we serve better our citizens”.  

Pierre Andribet, Head of EEC, emphasised that “It was a great opportunity to showcase the concrete R&D results that the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme has enabled, and to stress the importance that this collaborative research should be continued in order to cope with the challenges that European ATM will face in the future”.

Photo of Philippe Merlo, Director Air Traffic Management at EUROCONTROL, Clara de la Torre, Director Transport at the European Commission’s DG Research & Innovation, Pierre Andribet, Head of EUROCONTROL’s Experimental Centre (EEC) and the team participating in the visit.

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