SESAR 2020: The ATM Master Plan for Europe kicks off

1 December 2016

Following its official start on 1 November 2016, SESAR 2020 Project PJ20 “AMPLE – ATM Master Plan for Europe” kicked off at a successful event attended by all of the SESAR 2020 partners who are actively contributing to PJ20 (21 in total). Together, PJ20 partners bring key European ATM expertise from air navigation service providers, airports, airborne and ground systems manufacturers, and EUROCONTROL which is the project lead.

SESAR 2020 is an ambitious programme that aims to develop new technologies and operational procedures to support the implementation of the Single European Sky concept; it is driven by the SESAR Joint Undertaking (SJU), created under Article 171 of the Treaty establishing the European Union, and has as its founding embers the European Union and EUROCONTROL.

Within the Single European Sky, the ATM Master Plan is the roadmap to the year 2035 and beyond”, says PJ20 project lead Marie-France Deslandes, “guiding and connecting ATM Research & Innovation with deployment in terms of the construction of the future European ATM System”. The European ATM Master Plan Edition 2015 was approved by the SESAR Joint Undertaking Administrative Board, including the European Commission and EUROCONTROL. This last published ATM Master Plan edition sets out Performance Ambitions and a Vision for European ATM, also in alignment with the ICAO Global Air Navigation Plan.

Pursuant to EU Regulation 409/2013, the ATM Master Plan is the essential instrument that allows all European ATM key civil and military stakeholders to share and further develop this common vision for future European ATM. It sets out the SESAR solutions which, following successful research, are likely to constitute future Common Projects for deployment.

The ATM Master Plan is of necessity a living plan, and needs to keep abreast of developments in European ATM performance, progress and outcome of both research and deployment of SESAR solutions. As part of SESAR 2020, it’s the duty of PJ20 to ensure the maintenance, updating and alignment of the three levels of the ATM Master Plan and its associated portal.

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