Enhanced network efficiency in terms of SSR code allocation: Romania becomes the 20th European State to join CCAMS


On 13 October 2021 at 18:00 UTC Romania became the 20th European state to deploy CCAMS, the Centralised Code Assignment and Management System run by the EUROCONTROL Network Manager (NM), following successful operational deployment in Bucharest by ROMATSA, the Romanian air navigation services provider, supported by EUROCONTROL NM colleagues in Brussels.

The deployment further enhances the efficiency of Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) code allocation across the European aviation network. CCAMS uses available flight plan data to efficiently assign SSR codes to flights at the time they are actually required, using an intelligent algorithm, rather than using a static code allocation. This uses the limited amount of SSR codes to their maximum potential: the centralised approach dynamically assigns codes according to operational needs, is not limited by national boundaries, and increases the amount of available SSR codes for each participating state. CCAMS thus mitigates as far as possible the risk of SSR code shortages, while ensuring safe operations all over Europe – reducing SSR code changes and ATC workload in all states, not just those that have already joined CCAMS.

In addition to deploying CCAMS, Romania has already upgraded its surveillance chain following Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1206/2011, enabling for eligible flights downlinked aircraft identification to be used for correlation thanks to technologies like Mode S. The deployment of both CCAMS and downlinked aircraft identification capabilities proves the strong commitment of Romania to implement technological improvements regarding aircraft identification, as well as its firm support for the evolution of the European air traffic management network.

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Optimising the efficiency of European SSR code management.

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