PRC Performance Insight #9 - Gate-to-gate CO₂ emissions in Europe - a holistic approach

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The independent Performance Review Commission (PRC) has published its ninth Performance Insight, presenting a holistic approach to measure and track gate-to-gate CO2 emissions in the EUROCONTROL area.

Given the importance of monitoring aviation’s environmental impact, the PRC has put an increased focus on the industry’s progress towards the ambitious political and societal environmental targets, and particularly the contribution of air traffic management in achieving those goals.

“The PRC is committed to provide input to the political and strategic decision-making by providing reliable and robust data. The gate-to-gate CO2 computations enable the tracking of progress over time and will provide a holistic view of the level of inefficiencies as well as a breakdown by stakeholder group, phase of flight and geographical area.”

Dr Peter Whysall Chairman of the PRC, EUROCONTROL

Read and download the full analysis.

The Performance Insight explains how CO2 emissions are calculated based on radar and aircraft performance data. It also presents initial results of the model and offers insights into the next steps planned to help mitigate ATM-related operational inefficiencies in the European ATM network.   

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