Performance Review Report 2016

7 July 2017

The independent Performance Review Commission, assisted by EUROCONTROL’s Performance Review Unit, has published the latest Performance Review Report, covering 2016 (2015 for cost-efficiency, the latest year for which figures are available).

This is a new-look, slimmer PRR, made possible by making quarterly reviews and other information available online (ANS Performance Portal).

2016 saw air traffic continue to increase (to over 10 million), reaching the pre-economic crisis level of 2008.  Spain, the United Kingdom and France saw the highest year on year growth, while Turkey, Ukraine and Romania reported the highest absolute decreases in 2016. 

This increase in traffic contributed to an increase in delays, with ATC capacity/staffing constraints being the main driver of enroute ATFM delays, followed by weather-related constraints and ATC disruptions/industrial action.  Capacity constraints also affected airports with a number of airports operating at close to capacity.

In 2015 the real enroute unit costs for air navigation services continued to decrease (by 2.4%) and this trend is expected to continue.  However, this decrease is offset by the economic cost of higher delays.

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