Open call for candidates - become a Performance Review Commission (PRC) Member

EUROCONTROL Director General Eamonn Brennan has issued an open call for candidates to fill three open positions in EUROCONTROL's Performance Review Commission (PRC).

Those interested in applying to become a PRC member are invited to submit their candidacy to fill one of three profiles: 

  • ATC/operations,
  • airports,
  • environment.

Applicants must be nationals of a EUROCONTROL Member State and experienced in the field of civil-military cooperation.

How to apply

To apply, a candidate will need a:

  1. CV
    The document should detail the candidate’s experience in the profile(s) for which they are applying (ATC/operations, airports and/or environment), as well as mention any civil-military expertise they may have;
  2. completed written undertaking
    This required document, available for download below, states that, if appointed, the candidate will act independently and will abide by the provisions of the PRC’s Terms of Reference and Rules of Procedure.


The two documents need to be sent to Katia Camarena, Secretary to the EUROCONTROL Provisional Council no later than Friday 22 January 2021. Applications received after that date will not be considered.

The applications will be reviewed by a selection board, followed by a round of interviews in order to submit a list of up to three proposed PRC Members and a reserve list, together with related justifications, to EUROCONTROL's Governing Bodies for approval.

Interested in this opportunity?

Submit your application before the deadline - 22 January 2021.

Being a PRC Member

The three posts will become vacant as of 31 July 2021 at the end of the PRC's current term of office. Once appointed, PRC Members must act completely independently of States, national and international organisations.

The PRC meets approximately four times per year to provide independent advice on European air traffic management performance to the EUROCONTROL Permanent Commission (CN) through the Provisional Council (PC). PRC Members will be reimbursed for their travelling and expenses incurred in connection with PRC business. Financial compensation may also be payable in specific cases.