Continuing to deliver despite COVID-19

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EUROCONTROL Network Manager set to deploy NM Release 24.0, a significant upgrade of our ops systems.

Today NM Release 24.0, a new version of the EUROCONTROL Network Management operational system, went live after months of intensive work by the NM teams. Delivering this essential software release in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis marks, in tandem with the NM NOP Recovery Plan, is a huge achievement that will bring real benefits for operational stakeholders.

NM Release 24.0 will:

  1. support enhanced management of priority flights;
  2. enhance the models for Free Route Airspace and interfaces for airspace utilisation;
  3. improve data exchange between EAD, the European AIS Database, and NM systems;
  4. make the Advanced Flexible Use of Airspace even more dynamic;
  5. improve the dynamicity of Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management processes;
  6. take a further step towards 4D trajectory management through the gradual implementation of FF-ICE (Flight and Flow Information for a Collaborative Environment);
  7. help operational stakeholders meet the regulatory requirements of the Pilot Common Project.

The release also implements the first of many essential technical blocks that pave the way towards iNM, the EUROCONTROL Network Manager’s transformational new operating system, which will be progressively deployed from 2022 onwards.

More information about NM Release 24.0

Download our release notes, or visit our Network Operations Portal.