New style ARTAS V8B3-U2

15 July 2016

ARTAS V8B3-U2 is ARTAS’s first major restyling in nearly 25 years: its first specification was published in November 1991.


ARTAS stands for ATM suRveillance Tracker And Server and is EUROCONTROL’s Surveillance Data Processing System. At the heart of the surveillance chain, ARTAS computes the best possible position of aircraft by combining sensors and using statistical models. It then sends the data to Controller Working Positions, Flight Plan Servers, Safety Nets and the ETFMS (Enhanced Tactical Flow Management System).

Most air traffic controllers in Europe currently use ARTAS positional data to separate aircraft.


ARTAS has recently undergone an anti-age cure: V8B3-U2. This will prepare ARTAS for facing the challenges that the next decades will bring. Its new Human Machine Interface is so appealing that it tends to obscure other, more important updates and embellishments at the heart of the system!

In fact, ARTAS V8B3 is cheaper for users than its predecessors, V8B2 and V8A2. It has no COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) fee and is equipped with only two servers in the place of ten. It is also easier for the EUROCONTROL team in charge of its maintenance to maintain and enhance.

After 25 years, ARTAS is a shining example of European coordination, spanning two decades. It demonstrates how a united approach can bring real benefits by reducing fragmentation and improving integration. ARTAS is now deployed operationally in almost all EUROCONTROL’s Member States and is undergoing continuous evolution under the leadership of the ARTAS team in the Network Management directorate.

Clocking up a million hours of service since the 1990s

Since the beginning of the 1990s, the ARTAS team’s focus has been on building a system that would be recognised as best in class worldwide. The first system became operational in 1997 (at Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands) and in 2016, ARTAS is present almost everywhere in Europe. Not only in Europe - it is in the Middle East, Asia and Central America as well. Looking forward, European ANSPs are on track for having 97% of the daily Network Manager flights “fly through” an ARTAS system.

ARTAS is a safety-critical system that has clocked up a more than a million hours of cumulated service. Always aimed at being at the top of processing techniques, ARTAS was the first tracker to obtain the demanding SWAL3 Quality stamp. ARTAS processes are certified ISO9001.

Not Only Software

What makes ARTAS so strong is the solid collaboration amongst its community members. Tracker experts and operators from all ANSPs are involved in ARTAS’s governance. Together, they design, verify, validate and steer its development. EUROCONTROL animates the community and reconciles as far as possible stakeholders’ sometimes diverging interests.

Long-lasting work

ARTAS proves that solid cooperation between stakeholders and EUROCONTROL leads to genuine innovation. Over the years, ARTAS has kept its assets up-to-date; the cost of its products has been reduced and streamlined; safety/quality features have been embedded and robust security systems integrated.

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