New EUROCONTROL portal gives full visibility on Network Manager working arrangements

EUROCONTROL is today publishing a new portal that provides detailed information on the teams and groups working on network management matters, including those working to support the Network Management Board (NMB), the Network Directors of Operations Group (NDOP) and the Network Directors of Technology Group (NDTECH).

The portal maps the various groups and sub-groups linking the EUROCONTROL Network Manager and operational stakeholders in our collaborative work to ensure capacity matches demand, and helps stakeholders meet their goal of close-to-zero ATFM delays across the network, as well as efficient and green trajectories. The network management working arrangements are an indispensable part of the process to deliver the network functions and tasks.

It provides information on the various groups, explaining what they work on, their Terms of Reference, the EUROCONTROL and stakeholder chairs, the group secretary and links to collaborative workspaces where they exist. The portal and its calendar of meetings are now accessible to anyone with an OST account (please note that the site is not compatible with Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge). The portal will be constantly updated to reflect the changes in the working arrangements.

Please do not hesitate to contact the NMB Secretariat for any questions you may have regarding the portal, or the Secretary of the working arrangements if you have questions regarding a specific working arrangement.

Network Manager working arrangements

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