New community-powered upgrade for ARTAS, our air traffic management surveillance tracker and server

ARTAS V9 screen

The new release of ARTAS, EUROCONTROL’s air traffic management surveillance tracker and server, builds on a year of development and trials during the pandemic. Version 9.0.1 brings many new community-sourced features and addresses over 90 issues reported by its users.

Building on major release 9.0.0 (January 2020), the user-driven enhancements include mitigating some ADS-B issues, introducing various improvements for Wide-area Multilateration (WAM), upgraded Requirement Traceability and Quality & Safety processes as well as some upgrades to tackle cyber-security threats.

EUROCONTROL has also taken the opportunity during the slower traffic period to conduct a major code clean-up and refactoring which will make it easier to maintain and evolve ARTAS in the future.

This marks the continuation of an ongoing success story that started over 25 years ago, when EUROCONTROL committed to tackling the then fragmented European surveillance systems. The results were ARTAS, a distributed and interoperable surveillance tracker and server solution that ensures an optimal use of available sensor data, and CAMOS, a dedicated user-centric Central ARTAS Maintenance and Operational Support team set up to support the deployment and the maintenance of the ARTAS systems.

Thanks to these changes, a dedicated ARTAS user community has developed over the years, helping EUROCONTROL steer efforts and developments of this important tracker and server solution.

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