New Aviation Learning Centre masterclass on how Urban Air Mobility can support Emergency Medical Service operations

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Students at the ALC masterclass

The tailormade two-day masterclass, organised in partnership with LuxMobility as part of the AiRMOUR project, brings together practitioners and stakeholders from the region and beyond to explore UAM, one of the most exciting and fast-developing aviation topics.

Over the 2 days, participants will be examining in depth the novel concepts and solutions currently being developed to make UAM safe, secure, quiet and green, as well as more accessible, affordable and publicly accepted. Airspace is set to open up over the coming years for new airspace entrants such as passenger drones, and their potential to help provide mobility or deliver supplies in emergency medical situations is extremely interesting to administrations and the general public.

This workshop is one of a range of new learning opportunities created by the EUROCONTROL ALC this year, with particular focus on delivering new tailored learning courses or specialised ad hoc workshops on hot aviation topics like Artificial Intelligence in aviation, drones and sustainability.

These sit alongside our ever-evolving offer of learning support to European aviation, with 105 classroom, 56 virtual and 35 e-learning courses aimed at building capacity in the aviation community – ANSPs, State authorities, airports, airlines and industry – in Europe and beyond.

To date, this year over 40K stakeholders have taken advantage of our multichannel aviation learning opportunities, all of which put learning, not simply training, at the heart of the experience we offer our stakeholders, with a view to adding value by continuously developing their technical skills and competences.

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