EUROCONTROL Network Manager User Week


Making the network
more scalable and
resilient together.

Scalability and resilience to move the network forward was the focus of the 2021 EUROCONTROL Network Manager User Week, which brought together more than 900 aviation professionals from 65 countries for all online sessions.

The first session saw the keynote speakers Eamonn Brennan, Director General EUROCONTROL, Alain Hervé Bernard, COO-EVP Operations and Cargo Air France giving high-level overviews of the impact of the pandemic on the network as a whole and on Aircraft Operators in particular.

Eamonn Brennan shared an update on the traffic situation in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Emphasising that making aviation sustainable will be the major challenge for aviation once the recovery is underway, he stressed that a well-functioning European Network has the potential to reduce fuel consumption between 8.6 % and 11.2%.

Alain Hervé Bernard provided an update on Air France’s main challenges in the current situation due to the pandemic: financial issues, the ongoing work to transform the airline to become more efficient in the future and the consequences of ups and downs in air traffic during the past months. The lack of coordination among different countries and the volatility of the situation remain a concern for worldwide operations.

“2021 will be a volatile year. We will see a ramping up of operations - with strong variations - as airlines are rebuilding their business. The EUROCONTROL Network Manager is preparing the network operations plan for the summer to ensure the overall system is ready to meet the emerging capacity. This plan will build on enhanced decision-making, working closely with airlines, airports, air navigation service providers and the military to manage the European Network.”

Day 2

The session “Planning your operations” highlighted how to improve network performance by developing and implementing new operational concepts, restructuring airspace, and implementing EUROCONTROL’s Operational Excellence Programme which will foster greater scalability, sustainability and resilience.

Day 3

The session “Managing your operations in uncertain times” showcased what EUROCONTROL’s Network Manager Operations Centre can do to support both the Network stakeholders and the recovery this summer. Speakers from ANA Portugal and Lisbon Airport spoke about how Portuguese airports are preparing for the recovery.

Day 4

The session “The digital transformation at NM” provided an insight into three key developments: how operational applications will evolve towards new integrated Network Management digital products, how EUROCONTROL’s present B2B services will pave the way towards an agile and scalable operational network, and how we are already using artificial intelligence to accelerate the production process of operational business ideas.

Day 5

The NM User Week concluded with “ATM Infrastructure”, which introduced how the EUROCONTROL Network Manager in full cooperation with stakeholders is building scalability by supporting the implementation of Datalink, as well as defending the ATM system against cyber threats. The session also looked at key airspace users’ requirements, and identified a number of changes that need to happen between now and 2030 for both ground infrastructure and avionics.

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All sessions are available to view online on our event page.