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Delivering operational value to air navigation service providers (ANSPs), airlines and other partners is the core of EUROCONTROL’s work. At the seventh edition of the NM B2B Web Services Technical Forum more than 430 participants from 53 countries discussed the range of solutions that EUROCONTROL’s Web Services offers for the aviation community including NM B2B - the interfaces the Network Manager offers promoting business-to business interoperability for airspace, flow and flight services. Part of the conversation was the question on how B2B services and their performance will need to adapt to meet the requirements of the users in the future.

“The answer is the digital transformation of the EUROCONTROL Network Manager’s current operational system. With the integrated Network Management (iNM) our objective is to build a more scalable system via an improved architecture, newer technology and the use of the cloud.”

Iacopo Prissinotti Director Network Management EUROCONTROL

While the current system provides capacity, there are limits to the systems in terms of performance, agility and resilience. iNM will enable NM to transform its business services.

At the meeting Iacopo Prissiniotti provided an update on the timing for EUROCONTROL’s extraordinary digital transformation journey. The next step is going to be the selection of the strategic partners for the project.

All presentations and Q&As are available on the event page.


The NM B2B web services is an interface provided by the EUROCONTROL Network Manager (NM) for system-to-system access to its services and data, allowing users to retrieve and use the information in their own systems. Our services are at the core of the NM Interoperability Strategy and follow the Single European Sky Aviation Research (SESAR) and the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) system-wide information management (SWIM) principles, being instrumental to achieve real-time information exchange at global level and to implement Collaborative Global air traffic flow and capacity management (ATFCM).

The benefits of such an open ATM digital collaborative environment include data quality and accuracy, timeliness of information, simplification of processes, cost reduction and safety.

The services are made available mainly to air navigation service providers (ANSPs), aircraft operators (AOs), airports, ground handling agents, computerised flight plan Service providers (CFSPs) and airspace management cells (AMC).

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