Major milestone for NM Airport Weekly Briefing

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A key interface between EUROCONTROL and airports is celebrating its 150th edition today

Launched on 29 May 2021 as a new interface between the EUROCONTROL’s Network Manager Operations Centre (NMOC) and European airports, the NM Airport Function makes sure that key developments at airports are taken into account to ensure the most efficient air traffic flows across the European aviation network.

The NM Airport Function provides NMOC with advance warnings of possible airport performance degradation due to various reasons (such as delays caused by boarding, parking saturation, local weather conditions, and so on).  The NM Airport Function also provides input, advice and coordination from within the airport community to the decision-making process of the NMOC in relation to flow management and demand/capacity-balancing (DCB).

The NM Airport Weekly Briefing is one of the main communications channels used by the NM Airport Function to engage with airports.  It comprises a weekly report and a verbal briefing regarding the performance of W-1 operations and W+1 predictions on possible DCB imbalances, punctuality, airport ground delays (including the critical first wave that is one of the top priorities in the EUROCONTROL “All Together Now 2024” campaign), predicted passenger demand, weather forecasts, and airport events reported to the NM Airport Function or collected through the Airport Corner.  This briefing targets not only airports, but also airlines, ANSPs, ground handlers, as well as a wide range of operational EUROCONTROL staff.

Today, the NM Airport Weekly Briefing reached its 150th edition. Interested in joining the briefing or receiving the report? Get in touch!

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