Liege Airport reinforces its environmental strategy with the help of EUROCONTROL’s Collaborative Environmental Management (CEM)

Liege Airport reinforces its environmental strategy

This week Liege Airport, Sowaer and Skeyes have committed to a collaborative environmental management (CEM) partnership with FedEx, ASL Airlines Belgium, CAL Cargo Airlines and Challenge Airlines, using EUROCONTROL’s CEM approach to minimise effectively and sustainably the environmental impact of airline activities.

The CEM Working Arrangement,  developed by EUROCONTROL together with ACI Europe, provides a platform for discussion and allows core operational stakeholders to identify synergies, quantify impacts and reach compromises from an operational environmental perspective. Putting CEM Working Arrangements in place will contribute to achieving Liege Airport's goals of reducing noise and CO2 emissions to arrive at zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

EUROCONTROL’s Director European Civil-Military Aviation, Philippe Merlo, welcomed the collaboration agreement:

"During the pandemic, we have seen cargo flights increase by 9% when compared to 2019. Liege Airport has become a key western European cargo delivery hub, and the fact that the airport and its partners will implement collaborative solutions for environmental issues is excellent news. Applying EUROCONTROL’s CEM approach will allow Liege Airport to mitigate its environmental impact as our sector works to build back better sustainably.”

"Stakeholders have been meeting quarterly since September 2020 with the aim of devising common solutions to environmental challenges in and around the airport. This collaboration will make it possible to broaden the field of action to limit the impact on the environment. As a ‘health airport’ serving as a centralized transit hub for essential materials ranging from medical supplies to vaccines, we take our environmental responsibility very seriously, which is why the integration of the environmental dimension is a key element in our development strategy "

The main objectives of this CEM working agreement are:

  • To develop a common action plan to minimise environmental impacts (noise, local air quality and greenhouse gas emissions) at and around the airport;
  • To promote a better understanding of network needs between the airport, airlines and air navigation service provider, and the EUROCONTROL Network Manager;
  • To support the airport in its sustainable growth journey;
  • To support the airport's 2015 ISO 14001 certification and its participation in the ACA (Airport Carbon Accreditation) programme.

Interested to learn more about CEM

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