Latest tranche of big aviation data available for research

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Our repository now contains detailed flight data on 18M flights.

EUROCONTROL has just uploaded a new tranche of aviation data – a complete list of commercial flights for December 2020 – to its Aviation Data Repository for Research, bringing the amount of historical flight data available to researchers to 18 million flights.

The Repository provides researchers with access to huge aviation datasets from the network including flight plans, aircraft types, planned and actual routes flown, airspace structure, airline market segments and more – ideal for analysing trends using artificial intelligence/machine learning applications.

The data run back to March 2015, with four more months due to be input during the course of 2023. The sole proviso for release is that all data have at least a two-year delay, as agreed with aviation stakeholders.

Interested in our aviation data for research?

Access to the repository is free and simple via EUROCONTROL's OneSky portal

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