Latest on delays

23 August 2018

After 231 days in 2018, the network has unfortunately notched up 14.1 million minutes of en-route delay – an increase of 123% when compared with the same period last year. In 2017, the overall en-route delay for the entire year was 9.3 million minutes.

This year, capacity and staffing have caused 55.1% of the delay; weather was responsible for 29% and strikes/disruptive events 15.9%. To date, traffic growth has been 3.5%.

Between 1 - 19 August, average daily traffic increased by 3.5%, compared with the same period last year. In 19 days this month, the total en-route ATFM delay reached 2.2 million minutes (+ 105% compared to same period last year) for a total traffic of 651,912 flights, out of which 21% were delayed.

48% of the delayed traffic was delayed by more than 15 minutes and the average delay per delayed flight reached 20 minutes. The worst delayed flight for August took place on 13 August: it was subjected to a delay of 293 minutes. 

So far in August, en-route capacity/staffing issues (60.3%) and weather (37.1%) have been the main causes of delay. The average en-route delay per flight has been 3.35 minutes/flight (note that EU-wide performance target for 2018 is 0.5 minutes), which represents an increase of 108%, compared with the same period last year.