Key avionics standardisation meeting hosted by EUROCONTROL

26 October 2017

Over 30 senior representatives from airline engineering departments, airframe manufacturers and the avionics equipment manufacturing industry met at EUROCONTROL’s Brussels headquarters on 19-20 October for the Airlines Electronic Engineering Committee’s Mid-Term Session.

The Airlines Electronic Engineering Committee (AEEC) - now a SAE-ITC organisational entity - is responsible for developing ARINC engineering standards and solutions for the avionics, networks and cabin systems used by the airline community.

EUROCONTROL values the opportunity of working closely with the AEEC and supporting its activities as it allow us to give input and receive feedback from the airlines. Their voice is not heard often enough in meetings of technical groups or ICAO and EUROCAE/RTCA.

AEEC, together with ICAO and EUROCAE/RTCA, is one of the three key standardisation groups for aviation. The ARINC Form Fit and Function Standards are voluntary consensus-based standards which complement the standardisation work done in ICAO (SARPS and Manuals) and in EUROCAE/RTCA (MOPS and MASPS).

ARINC standards are indispensable for integrating systems into aircraft and, in particular, the cockpit. Their on-time availability is critical for the successful implementation of future concepts and capabilities.

The AEEC Mid-Term Session is effectively an extended meeting of the AEEC Executive Committee, the governing body of AEEC. The AEEC Executive Committee has 14 members, ten representing airlines (United, Air France/KLM, Alaska, American Airlines, Delta, FedEx, Lufthansa Group, Southwest, TAP Portugal and UPS), one military (US Air Force) and two aircraft manufacturers (Airbus and Boeing) besides the AEEC Executive Secretary. The chairmanship is provided by the airlines and is currently being led by Rich Stillwell from United.

Philippe Merlo, EUROCONTROL’s Director ATM Strategies, addressed the AEEC Mid-Term Session and the AEEC Executive Committee members. He outlined the aviation vision for future developments, focusing on COM systems. He highlighted the importance of the AEEC work for aviation and emphasised EUROCONTROL’s commitment to facilitating events like the Mid-Term Session, which help clarify and disseminate the airlines’ technical needs, their feedback and requirements.

In addition, the AEEC Mid-Term Session discussed the:

  • European Data Link Services IR activities with presentations from NM and the SESAR Deployment Manager;
  • European Surveillance Performance & Interoperability IR status with a presentation from EASA;
  • European activities for the Future Communications Infrastructure (FCI) and the joint US-Europe A/G datalink roadmap with a presentation from EUROCONTROL;
  • Developments on Global Aircraft Tracking Requirements with a presentation from Boeing.

In the context of the Mid-Term Session, the AEEC Executive Committee adopted eight ARINC standards, covering updates to six existing standards (supplements) and two completely new ARINC Standards:

  • Supplement 9 to ARINC 620: Datalink Ground Systems Standard and Interface Specification;
  • Supplement 5 to ARINC 628: Cabin Equipment Interfaces, Part 9 - Cabin Information Network;
  • Supplement 3 to ARINC 633: AOC Air-Ground Data and Message Exchange Format;
  • ARINC Project Paper 658: Internet Protocol Suite (IPS) for Aeronautical Safety Services – Roadmap document;
  • Supplement 6 to ARINC 743A: GNSS Sensor;
  • Supplement 1 to ARINC 743B: GNSS Landing System Sensor Unit;
  • ARINC Project Paper 743C: GNSS Landing System Sensor Unit with VHF Data Broadcast Receiver;
  • Supplement 5 to ARINC 755: Digital Multi-Mode Receiver.

Finally, the AEEC Executive Committee also approved six new standardisation activities covering:

  • Defining an Internet Protocol Suite (IPS) for Aeronautical Safety Services (new ARINC Specification with technical requirements);
  • Cabin Systems (updates to ARINC 628 parts 0 and 1);
  • Updates to ARINC 429 Digital Avionics Bus;
  • Cabin and Cargo Video Surveillance (updates to ARINC 628 part 1);
  • Third Generation Cabin Network, 3GCN (updates to ARINC 808 and 809);
  • Cabin IFE Motors (updates to ARINC 628 part 1).

EUROCONTROL will continue working closely with the AEEC and is very keen to support the airlines in this regard.

“The AEEC Executive Committee values the engagement of EUROCONTROL and their contributions of subject matter experts providing status and guidance, as we work collaboratively building ARINC standards,” observed Rich Stillwell, Director Avionics Engineering in United and the Chairman of the AEEC Executive Committee.

Paul Prisaznuk, the AEEC Executive Secretary, noted: "ARINC Industry Activities appreciates the close association with EUROCONTROL and the great value that it brings to our airline membership."

For more information on the Mid-Term Session, please check the AEEC site

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