Joint ECAC-EUROCONTROL Event on AI in aviation

ECAC and EUROCONTROL organised a joint event on the importance of artificial intelligence (AI) for the aviation sector.

The event was hosted at EUROCONTROL’s headquarters in Brussels and was attended by 34 ECAC Member States, represented by Directors General of Civil Aviation and their senior experts. The President of the ICAO Council and other European and international organisations, stakeholders and manufacturers in the aviation industry were invited as speakers.

Latest highlights

Mariya Tarabanovska

Aviation's wind of change: the year that changed us

Jan Pie

What it takes to maintain Europe's competitive edge in aeronautics and ATM

Christophe Vivier

New military technologies will require ATM modernisation to manage airspace more dynamically, safely and efficiently

Remus Lacatus

New entrants drive innovations in civil and military airspace management operations

Eduardo Santander

Towards a unified sky vision: integrating ATM & AAM for future air transport


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