Implementation of U-Space Services in the European Union

Implementation U-space services EU

EUROCONTROL's role is to ensure the safe integration of RPAS while safeguarding the rights of all airspace users.

New report gives a valuable snapshot of EU readiness for drone operations.

EUROCONTROL has published a new report on the implementation of services for Very Low Level (VLL) drone operations in the European Union (EU). The U-Space Services Implementation Monitoring Report covers all 28 EU member states and will be updated regularly.

The report is accompanied by an interactive online map which offers information on the status of the implementation of U-Space services across Europe and on ongoing drone demonstration projects.

The U-Space notion was introduced by the European Commission in its blueprint for fostering a market for safe, secure and efficient drone operations in Europe. It refers to the low level airspace and covers the ecosystem of services and specific procedures necessary for reliable and safe drone operations.

The report and map aim to support the activities of the EU network for drone demonstration projects. Their publication follows the first meeting of the EU Network of U-Space Demonstrators, hosted by EUROCONTROL in follow-up to the recent launch of the network by the European Commission.

The implementation of U-Space services requires the progressive integration of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) into the European ATM environment. A number of stakeholders have, to this end, expressed a desire to integrate U-Space implementation monitoring into the ATM Master Plan Level 3 reporting framework.

The report is available for download here

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