How COVID-19 transformed EUROCONTROL’s training of aviation experts

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The COVID-19 pandemic initially spelled disaster for in-person training at EUROCONTROL’s Institute of Air Navigation Services (IANS) – its training facility – but it turned out to be a huge opportunity to accelerate EUROCONTROL’s digital training transformation.

By the end of 2020, 186,300 aviation professionals had been trained by EUROCONTROL – 85% more than in 2019.

“I am proud to say that IANS – as the Network Manager Training Division – has used the COVID-19 pandemic to reinvent itself in a customer-centric way focusing on the changing needs of the business. We will continue this transformation with tailored training courses to meet the needs of aviation professionals as part of our wider strategy of integrating state-of-the-art digital technology into all areas of the Network Manager.”

As lockdowns and travelling restrictions dramatically reduced the demand for classroom training, the Institute reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic by taking the opportunity to accelerate a digital training transformation that was already underway. In 2020, 167,771 participants benefited from the Institute’s e-learning courses, 1,578 participated in classroom-like online courses, 15,786 attended webinars and only 1,174 took actual in-person classroom training (most them from the pre-crisis period January-February 2020).

This can be compared with the last pre-COVID year of 2019, where IANS trained 101,000 aviation professionals – of which 6,000 followed one of the 125 traditional classroom courses and the other 93% attended one of IANS’s 50 e-learning modules. The IANS team have since successfully transformed many of their popular classroom courses into online versions to meet the needs of professionals unable to travel during the pandemic.

“This crisis has changed training – and the way many people regard work – permanently. We’ve entered a hugely exciting period for training: the readiness of people to learn online has been transformed by remote working. IANS aims to meet the training needs of today and tomorrow with an attractive multi-channel training experience comprising classroom courses, e-learning, online courses and webinars – with new digital products under development.”

Hendrik (Rik) Dermont Acting Head of IANS EUROCONTROL
How COVID-19 transformed EUROCONTROL’s training of aviation experts

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