High-level Summary Report on Preliminary ACE Data (December 2022 edition)

A high-level summary report on preliminary ACE data, commissioned by the Performance Review Commission and produced by the EUROCONTROL Performance Review Unit, has been published, providing a first insight into the 2021 cost-effectiveness performance both for the pan-European ATM system and for individual ANSPs.

ACE Data 2021 preliminary summary report - Breakdown of gate-to-gate ANS revenues, 2021

This is ahead of the publication of the main report, planned for May 2023.

The preliminary data show gate-to-gate revenue of €5.4 billion in 2021, significantly lower than the costs of €7.9 billion and reflecting the drop in income as a result of COVID-19. ANSPs had reduced costs by over €400 million (4.9%), around half of which were reductions in staff costs. This reflects both the effect of temporary measures implemented in 2020 and 2021 (e.g. short time work, furlough schemes, reduced remuneration…) and also the effect of redundancy plans. Year-on-year changes in ATM/CNS provision costs varied across Europe’s ANSPs from -30% to +15%.

As regards liquidity, borrowings increased to €5.9 billion, some three times the level seen in 2019. Capital expenditure, while slightly higher than in 2020, remained below (-5.5%) the average for 2011-2019.

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