Helping ICAO strengthen global civil-military cooperation

Group photo at the ICAO Regional Civil-Military Cooperation Workshops in Lima and in Abu Dhabi

December 2019 saw EUROCONTROL support two ICAO Regional Civil-Military Cooperation Workshops in Lima and in Abu Dhabi, as part of wider ICAO efforts to enhance civil-military cooperation implementation around the globe in order to enhance the capacity and efficiency of the worldwide ATM system.

The workshops attracted a large number of regional civil and military participants with different aviation backgrounds, with experts from the ICAO South American Region travelling to Lima, and ICAO Asia Pacific, Europe/North Atlantic and Middle East Regions journeying to Abu Dhabi to examine various current and future civil-military ATM cooperation challenges.

States looking to strengthen their capacity to manage the security, safety, economic and environmental aspects of civil and military airspace operations need strong civil-military cooperation and coordination functions, which is where EUROCONTROL’s many years of civil-military interface expertise is invaluable. Our two-day hands-on exercises on practical Flexible Use of Airspace (FUA) implementation were particularly well appreciated, allowing participants to put into practice their theoretical knowledge, and actively look for pragmatic strategic, pre-tactical and tactical actions to enable civil-military cooperation, coordination and collaboration at national and regional levels.

Our cooperation with ICAO in this regard is set to continue in 2020, with further workshops aiming at promoting civil-military cooperation and FUA.

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