FlyingGreen - EUROCONTROL’s platform of sustainability services goes live!


EUROCONTROL has just launched FlyingGreen, a unique one stop shop platform offering data and tools to support informed decision-making in aviation on decarbonisation strategies and improving climate change resilience. The first release of the platform offers users a brand-new emissions forecasting toolkit, a green energy transition tool, a climate risk pre-screening tool and a fund pathfinder including guidance on the EU's sustainable financing regulations called Bluebook. FlyingGreen is a key priority of EUROCONTROL’s corporate programme Raising the Bar: EUROCONTROL 2030.

“Aviation has committed to reducing emissions and is increasing its resilience to climate change. As the aviation industry continues to grow, it is crucial to address the associated environmental challenges. FlyingGreen provides States, air navigation service providers, airports, and other aviation stakeholders with the tools and resources they need to adopt green practices and strive towards a more sustainable future.”

Raúl Medina Director-General EUROCONTROL

The FlyingGreen platform is set up under 4 strategic pillars for the decarbonisation of aviation that reflect the most pressing strategic priorities: reducing emissions (NetZero), transitioning to more sustainable fuel (Fuelling Decarb), building climate change resilience to ensure efficient, safe operations (ClimAdapt) and accelerating aviation's access to green funding (DecarbFin). Today’s release of FlyingGreen offers the following key features to users:

  1. The NetZero pillar features emissions and comprehensive fuel burn tracking at several levels incl. the entire Network, different airspace areas (e.g. EU 27) and at the level of States and Functional Airspace Blocks. It enables users to measure and monitor the emissions as well as to consult estimated emissions in the future based on the different growth scenarios outlined in EUROCONTROL’s air traffic forecast Aviation Outlook 2050. This data serves as a foundation for identifying areas for improvement and implementing effective emission reduction strategies. The What-If functionality allows users to assess how changes in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) mandates or SAF pathways (HEFA, power-to-liquid, etc.) would impact fuel burn and emissions.
  2. Under the Fuelling Decarb pillar today’s release deploys a green energy transition tool with three main functions: The Green Fuels function assesses the sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and H2 production potential per country. The Market Check function identifies the gaps between the quantities of green fuels needed and the production capabilities. The Energy Estimator function evaluates the required quantities and type of electricity to produce green fuels to meet objectives and sustainability goals (renewable and low carbon energy).
  3. A climate risk pre-screening tool - under the ClimAdapt pillar - offers aid to stakeholders in assessing their understanding of the climate effects and impacts they might experience. It can be used to initiate the decision-making process for a full-scale climate risk assessment and support making the case to leadership teams.
  4. The Fund Pathfinder is part of the DecarbFin pillar and informs users on existing EU funding opportunities tailored for the purpose of the decarbonisation or climate adaptation initiative. The service provides information on the different types of programmes and funding opportunities, best practices on fund applications, and examples of successfully funded projects.

In addition, EUROCONTROL is publishing the Bluebook – a guide to aviation sustainability regulatory compliance that will help aviation stakeholders to navigate the EU’s sustainable financing regulations with a focus on the EU taxonomy and the EU’s Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting Directive (CSRD). The Bluebook was produced in close consultation with representatives from the aviation sector.

Future services on EUROCONTROL’s FlyingGreen platform

This release is the first version and it will be continuously improved. In close coordination with over 100 stakeholders the work will also continue in the months to come to introduce further functionalities to help aviation stakeholders and support them in their transition to a more sustainable future. FlyingGreen is set to also include a library of best practices and case studies to inspire and guide organisations in adopting sustainable practices. Users will be able to learn from successful initiatives implemented by industry leaders, access valuable resources such as guidance on how organisations can tackle full-scale climate risk assessments, and stay updated with the latest advancements in sustainable aviation. Discussions are also underway to see how the platform could facilitate collaboration among aviation stakeholders, fostering a community dedicated to sustainability.

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