EUROCONTROL's PRC publishes Performance Insight #5: Open performance data

Graphic of an airplane seen from above

EUROCONTROL’s Performance Review Commission (PRC) has published its fifth Performance Insight focusing on the benefits of open performance data for ANS performance.

EUROCONTROL’s PRC is committed to provide impartial analyses of ANS performance and promotes an open and transparent dialogue between stakeholders, policy-makers and strategic decision-makers.

In 2022, the PRC launched an Open Performance Data Initiative with a view to establish a data platform, to support higher levels of transparency and reproducibility of performance related monitoring and associated analyses. The initiative addresses the requirement to establish a level-playing field for all stakeholders, ranging from the interested public, operational and strategic planners, to political decision-makers.

Pursuing an open data-based approach will allow all interested parties to tap into a harmonised data environment to build their assessments, validate results published by other parties, and reproduce findings in support of the political and operational discussion about observed performance.

This fifth Performance Insight provides the rationale and background to the PRC Open Performance Data Initiative, sets out benefits and barriers of implementing an open data approach and gives examples of applications of open performance data in the form of selected “snapshots” of recent research.

As an independent body promoting performance review, the PRC hopes to inspire interested parties to join and support the next steps of the Open Performance Data Initiative.

Read and download the full analysis.

For more information, please contact [email protected].

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