EUROCONTROL’s Performance Review Commission publishes a report on ANSPs pension schemes and their costs

Pensions made up 12% of the total costs of the 38 European air navigation service providers in 2016, an increase of 25% since 2010 according to a new report published today by the independent Performance Review Commission (PRC) of EUROCONTROL.

The ‘Report on Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) Pension Schemes and Their Costs’ examines the various pension schemes currently used in each of the 38 ANSPs of the EUROCONTROL area. It also provides an overall view at European level.

The report is mainly based on publicly available information such as annual reports and financial accounts which have been collected and analysed by the PRC, and verified and complemented by each ANSP concerned. It gives an overview of costs within each ANSP.

The report also gives:

  • a factual description of the current situation in the 38 ANSPs, using a common framework;
  • trends and developments in schemes, and their costs over the period 2010-2016;
  • a better understanding of possible risks over the coming years and their magnitude;
  • ideas and opportunities to refine pension data reporting in the context of benchmarking analyses.

As an example, the figure below presents the ANSPs' pension contributions on a per employee basis for the 38 European ANSPs in 2016 and in 2010. Caution is needed in the interpretation of the observed differences since there are many factors affecting the level of ANSPs' pension contributions.

The PRC Chairman, Ralph Riedle, commented: “The PRC is pleased to stress that all 38 ANSPs have actively contributed to the development of this study by providing missing data, answering to the PRC’s questions and checking the accuracy of the information presented in the report. The PRC takes no position on the level of ANSP pay and conditions, including pension schemes. This study is merely a factual account of the various pension schemes provided by ANSPs in Europe.

You can download the report and request a hard copy