EUROCONTROL’s Performance Review Commission publishes its report on European Air Traffic Management performance in 2022

Performance Review Report 2022

The independent Performance Review Commission (PRC) of EUROCONTROL has published its Performance Review Report (PRR) for 2022.

Traffic in summer 2022 was significantly greater than in 2021; this resulted in unacceptably high delays and cancellations, as many parts of the industry were not able to scale up operations to accommodate the increase in demand.

ANS performance in Europe also degraded in 2022, contributing to the poor overall performance. Average en-route ATFM delay rose to a similar level as in the capacity crisis years of 2018/19, partly because of numerous ATM system upgrades, but also because not all ANSPs were able to deploy sufficient capacity to handle the demand.

Without a doubt, 2023 will be another challenging year for European aviation and it will require a massive effort of all stakeholders to avoid a repetition of the situation of summer 2022 when almost every second flight was unpunctual and numerous cancellations left frustrated passengers stranded at airports.”

Marinus de Jong Chairman, Performance Review Commission

Given the importance of environmental performance, the PRC has introduced a new chapter in this year’s PRR which aims at monitoring progress towards climate goals and, in particular, the ATM contribution to achieve those goals.

Technological change is a key enabler to meet the performance expectations of the future European ANS system. Working closely with stakeholders, the PRC Transformation Support Strategy facilitates this process by ensuring an independent and transparent evaluation of selected “flagship” projects such as Virtual Centres.

“Despite the continued recovery from the pandemic, the situation will remain challenging for the industry, with continuing pressure on ANSPs to find the right level of operations and costs during the recovery phase while at the same time preparing for the future in terms of capacity provision, technological transformation and environmental sustainability.”

Marinus de Jong added

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