EUROCONTROL’s Central Route Charges Office moves forward to deliver an even better service and stakeholder experience

ETNA tool

As part of our digital transformation journey, EUROCONTROL's Central Route Charges Office (CRCO) has taken another important step forward with the launching of an enhanced version of ETNA, its portal for national administrations, which aims at providing enhanced collaboration, greater productivity and improved data quality.

The CRCO is a key financial service EUROCONTROL provides to its Member States, airlines and air navigation service providers. The CRCO efficiently invoices, collects and disburses over €8 billion annually on route and terminal charges from airspace users thereby ensuring liquidity in the European aviation network. This is coupled with a seamless invisible accounting and financial reporting that serves 41 Member States and 3 additional States, providing up-to-date accurate data that supports domestic financial reporting requirements.

The new portal provides 24/7 online access to a wide range of services and data, via a brand new user-friendly interface. Its key features include:

  • an operational module enabling the transmission of flight messages, the exchange of information in case of claims and the access to flight plans handled by our Network Manager Operations Centre in order to identify potentially unbilled flights;
  • a data module providing access to a series of billing, accounting and treasury reports, in addition to the CRCO database containing airspace user information and fleet details;
  • a unit rate module, facilitating the publication of reporting tables for all our Member States while ensuring that EU States are able to meet their reporting obligations towards the European Commission, via this single-entry point on ETNA.

"The new ETNA portal is the digital heart of #CRCO2.0. This is a key CRCO-Finance strategy for the next decade – to leverage best-in-class technology and tools to transform our stakeholders' experience and provide an even better service."

Bhev Chandrasena Chief Financial Officer responsible for Directorate Central Route Charges Office and Finance EUROCONTROL

Learn more about the portal

Visit our dedicated page to learn more about the Central Route Charges Office Portal for National Administrations.

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