EUROCONTROL’s Central Route Charge Office embarks on a digitalisation journey with a new portal to manage its interactions with airspace users

CRCO Portal for Airspace user

As part of our digital transformation journey, we at EUROCONTROL’s CRCO, in charge of collecting route charges on behalf of our Member States, have recently launched a new website to significantly enhance airspace users’ experience.

Known as CEFA, the Central Route Charges Office portal for airspace users, is a simple to use, secure and confidential online portal, which makes exchanging air navigation billing information between airspace users and the CRCO simple, and efficient.

Bhev Chandrasena, our CFO responsible for the Directorate CRCO and Finance linked this to the overall Agency objectives stating:

"CEFA is a critical plank of the CRCO and the Agency’s digitalisation strategy. This important digital shift will change how we interact with our ~6,000 airspace users annually, significantly facilitating the way they access and submit sensitive information. This is a key accelerator in our CRCO processes and will be the first in a suite of digital innovations to support European aviation."

Bhevan Chandrasena Chief Financial Officer responsible for the Directorate CRCO and Finance, EUROCONTROL

EUROCONTROL bills and collects route charges on behalf of its Member States through its Central Route Charges Office. The CRCO runs a centralised system which ensures that these charges – essential to the funding of the European air traffic management system – are recovered. So far in 2022, CRCO billed EUR 5.4 billion in charges and we expect to bill EUR 8.0 billion by the end of the year.

Our services include billing, collecting and disbursing route charges to Member States. We also offer similar services for terminal navigation charges and communication charges for Member States, as well as air navigation charges (en-route and terminal) for non-Member States.

Learn more about our services and activities.

If you are an airspace user and you are interested in learning more about the portal, please read about all of its features.

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