EUROCONTROL trials integration of cross-border weather forecasters in Network Operations to boost operational support to aviation stakeholders

EUROCONTROL trials integration of cross-border weather forecasters

As part of a new trial to enhance the way the EUROCONTROL Network Manager (NM) uses cross-border weather forecasts to improve network planning in support of network delay reduction, we will be integrating experts from six meteorological organisations over the next 2 months into our network operations centre.

Severe weather remains the main reason for air traffic flow management delay at European airports – and they have been increasing across the Network over the past few years. High-intensity weather events cause delay and unnecessary fuel burn – a major obstacle to efficient, safe and sustainable air traffic. By working closely with Météo-France, Deutscher Wetterdienst - DWD (Germany), Met Office (UK), skeyes (Belgium), Austro Control (Austria) and Croatia Control -CCL (Croatia), coordinated by the European MET Services (EUMETNET), NM is aiming to improve its ability to detect when weather conditions could deteriorate and rapidly develop into severe storms capable of impacting airspace capacity.

“On behalf of the EUROCONTROL Network Manager team I am delighted to welcome MET experts to NM’s operational centre this summer. Mitigating the effects of bad weather on air traffic and ensure efficient and more sustainable operations is a key priority for us as we strive to deliver the best service to operational stakeholders in Europe. This trial is the latest in a series of NM initiatives in recent years to take a network-minded approach to bad weather with operational stakeholders: with these activities we aim to provide maximum situational awareness for all users when significant adverse weather conditions are identified that could affect multiple sectors.”

The participating forecasters will brief NM operational staff daily on possible impacts affecting operations. Pauline Jaunet from Météo-France, the first forecaster to join EUROCONTROL for the trial, hails the initiative as “very stimulating. It is a pleasure to directly interact with NM operational staff and assist them with better tailored weather forecasting.”

The trial will continue until 12 September.

Harmonised forecast of adverse weather

At EUROCONTROL we support the deployment of new high resolution MET services by the European MET Services (EUMETNET).

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