EUROCONTROL releases new version of Standard Inputs for Economic Analyses

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EUROCONTROL has released the latest version of the EUROCONTROL “Standard Inputs for Economic Analyses”.

It provides a set of standard inputs for data commonly used in economic and financial ATM-related analyses and appraisals. This latest edition 10.0 focuses on the data for 2022 and aims at providing a common baseline to all the potential users. The PDF edition complements the live online version of the document, available below.

The report offers aviation stakeholders the latest available inputs to perform cost-benefit analyses and other economic assessments in the aviation domain. By gathering data from various EUROCONTROL teams, external sources and stakeholders, it supports the creation of a common language in the ATM community to facilitate the compatibility between different studies. The document includes a diverse set of values from various key interest areas, including economic, operational and environmental indicators, to account for the growing importance of discussions on sustainability in the aviation domain.

Download the latest document below, or visit the dedicated web page with the live version of the document.

Some takeaways from the new indicators:

  • Shadow cost of carbon (i.e. the cost of carbon required to meet the 1.5°C global target) is expected to reach € 949 by 2050
  • By 2050, the proportion of sustainable aviation fuel in the fuel mix is set to reach between 50.4% and 88.2% according to low and high estimations respectively
  • On average, an aircraft flies for 26 minutes in the controlled airspace of a given ANSP

About the authors

The EUROCONTROL Business Cases team is a dedicated team of experts that support stakeholders who need to choose between different solutions and alternatives, using the best available data. For 20 years, EUROCONTROL has been providing ATM decision-makers with a wide range of regularly updated Standard Inputs to help them to take long-term investment decisions.

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