EUROCONTROL Performance Review Commission issues its latest ATM Cost-Effectiveness Benchmarking Report

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The EUROCONTROL Performance Review Commission (PRC) has published its nineteenth ATM Cost-Effectiveness (ACE) Benchmarking Report.

This report was produced during an exceptional period for the aviation industry, which was marked by the COVID-19 outbreak. It provides both a detailed analysis of ANSPs cost-effectiveness performance just before the start of the pandemic and an initial examination of how ANSPs responded to mitigate the short-term consequences of this unprecedented crisis.

"This ACE benchmarking report, which introduces an analysis based on financial indicators complementing a well-established analytical framework in order to focus on the new challenges ANSPs have to face, comes timely and provides an excellent insight in the current cost-effectiveness performance of ANSPs. The next ACE cycle which is starting in July 2021 will further develop the assessment of the COVID-19 impacts on ANSPs cost-effectiveness performance and financial situation."

Marc Baumgartner PRC Chairman

Mr Baumgartner encourages all interested stakeholders to use the information, which is publicly available in the interactive web-based ACE dashboard. This dashboard, which allows its users to make customised analysis of ANSP cost-effectiveness performance, is updated regularly to reflect the latest ACE data available.

Read our ACE Benchmarking report

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