EUROCONTROL MUAC and DFS sign agreement to enhance efficiency in core European airspace

EUROCONTROL’s Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC) and DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH have just signed a collaboration agreement which encompasses a range of bilateral initiatives in the areas of airspace optimisation, technical cooperation and harmonisation of procedures. This collaboration agreement, which is fully in line with the objectives of the Single European Sky, will boost the implementation of a uniform European air traffic management system in a part of the continent that hosts some of Europe’s largest airports.

DFS CEO Prof Klaus-Dieter Scheurle and Director EUROCONTROL MUAC John Santurbano

The areas of mutual interest in the joint collaboration agreement signed by DFS CEO Prof Klaus-Dieter Scheurle and Director EUROCONTROL MUAC John Santurbano cover:

  • optimisation of the common airspace interface, in order to reduce controller workload and the impact of aviation on the environment;
  • a detailed study assessing the feasibility of deploying a common air traffic services system between MUAC and Karlsruhe UAC (KUAC);
  • possibilities to further align technical system architecture in the cloud and in the area of data centres.

Optimised airspace management will enable aircraft operators to benefit from short-term improvements, for example continuous improvement of flight profiles by removing restrictions to allow for continuous descent/climb profiles. Medium-term measures will include the optimisation of the common airspace borders between KUAC and MUAC to allow for optimised flight profiles and traffic handling.

In the area of technical cooperation, the two partners are exploring how far the MUAC integrated Flow Management Position (iFMP) capacity tool can offer benefits for KUAC operations, generating synergies and therefore savings and efficiency gains.

Finally, the parties will also explore whether the DFS air traffic services system could be a sound alternative for the imminent replacement of the MUAC fallback system. This solution would also offer economies of scale and greater technical synergies.

Closer cooperation between EUROCONTROL MUAC and DFS, two of Europe’s major air navigation service providers, will generate benefits in terms of safety, capacity, cost-efficiency and sustainability for the entire aviation community. These are key pillars to support the recovery of aviation.

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