EUROCONTROL helps national supervisory authorities manage their human resources

3 May 2018

National supervisory authorities (NSAs) are required to have sufficient numbers of qualified personnel to carry out safety oversight and regulatory tasks.

EUROCONTROL’s NSA HR Application (N-HRA) is a web-based application collaboratively developed to meet the needs of NSAs in the field of air navigation service oversight. The tool provides a common approach for planning, monitoring and reporting on human resources issues at individual State or FAB level.

The third N-HRA Workshop on 16-17 April, attended by representatives from 14 EUROCONTROL Member States, celebrated a notable milestone: demand for the application is growing and the Netherlands recently became the 25th user.

Since December 2015 the number of users has more than doubled, with a pricing policy in place to offer the application under user-pays principle (UPP) to non-EUROCONTROL States. EUROCONTROL provides the tool framework and ensures maintenance and easy access; while NSAs are responsible for their data quality and who they share their data with. Synergies are also starting to emerge with other domains, with ICAO this year endorsing the N-HRA as an application capable of helping States resolve Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme (USOAP) findings in this area, and we expect interest to continue in the application from other stakeholder groups in and beyond Europe.

At the workshop stakeholders had the opportunity to share experience and best practices. This workshop saw presentations by Josef Kopp, Head of ANS Department, CAA Czech Republic/FABCE, and Vladislav Kuljanishvili, Head of ANS Department, CAA Georgia, who are among the N-HRA’s “pioneer” users. As the ’newest newcomer’ Marcel Hartman, Senior Inspector at Dutch NSA, shared the reasons why they decided to become a user and their expectations from using the N-HRA.

Personal data protection is a hot topic, with EU States required to implement the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by end-May 2018. The workshop explored the impact GDPR has on the way States use the N-HRA. Eva Contreras, Data Protection Coordinator at EUROCONTROL, presented how the N-HRA covers data protection matters and outlined the updated N-HRA license agreement. An interesting user perspective on GDPR saw Paul Kennedy, Regulatory Divisional Manager at the Irish NSA, explain what additional measures they had put in place to accommodate GDPR and using the N-HRA.

FABCE NSAs were well represented at the workshop. In 2018 they will undertake their fourth common NSA HR Assessment. Having data for N-HRA for seven years should enable them to demonstrate key trends in their 2018 report.

The workshop had four main outcomes.

Firstly, the workshop provided participants with the opportunity to familiarise themselves with recent enhancements making the application more intuitive and offering offering considerable flexibility to users in how they wish to use it.

Secondly, participants now consider that the application can be used on a ‘day-to-day basis” for ANS oversight resource management and not just to deliver the biennial assessment required by the SES Regulation and demonstrate their NSA’s capability to third parties (including ICAO and EASA).

Thirdly, to ensure that the N-HRA is enhanced for day-to-day use and is as future proof as possible by the end of 2019, participants indicated that the following should be considered:

  • the relevant EU Regulations are taken into account e.g. not only 2017/373 but also 2015/340 and 216/2008;
  • the option to extend the use of the N-HRA to other oversight domains as from 2020 and with the implementation of the Regulation (EU) 2017/373 it will be Competent Authority and no longer the NSA;
  • the future challenges facing the ANS oversight domain (risk-profiling and performance-oriented regulation/oversight), which may impact resource management.

Fourthly, in the short term, recent changes to the N-HRA will be further validated, an updated license agreement will be processed for signature and the N-HRA eLearning package developed.


Play the video here to understand how our N-HRA application works

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