EUROCONTROL CCAMS tool celebrates its first decade

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40 million transponder codes provided in 10 years.

Happy 10th anniversary CCAMS!

For the last decade, the EUROCONTROL Network Manager’s (NM) Collaborative Centralised Code Assignment and Management System has been successfully providing transponder codes to flights in Europe.

A pan-European solution set up by EUROCONTROL in full partnership with the operational stakeholders back in February 2012, CCAMS selects a code for each flight within its area of applicability using an intelligent algorithm, and distributes it to the appropriate air traffic services unit.

The 40 million transponder codes it has generated in that time have played their part in contributing to the efficiency and safety of air traffic in Europe.

“CCAMS’s 10-year anniversary is a great moment to recall the long-standing, excellent collaboration between NM and our stakeholders. Currently CCAMS provides support to aircraft identification in 20 States, with more expected to join in the coming years.” 

CCAMS is a collaborative system for the most efficient use of Mode 3/A codes in the European network. It provides:

  • efficient management of SSR codes;
  • maximum retention of a code;
  • reduction of code conflicts;
  • flexibility to match future demands including secondary surveillance radar (SSR) codes for special events and military exercises.

The system was created by EUROCONTROL to help aviation overcome the shortages of the SSR codes used by air traffic control for radar services, with Ukraine the very first state to receive successfully codes from the central server hosted at EUROCONTROL in February 2012.

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