EUROCONTROL becomes consortium coordinator of the new SESAR Deployment Manager

SESAR Deployment Manager

With the European Commission’s official appointment of the new consortium behind the SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM), the EUROCONTROL Network Manager is taking on the role of consortium coordinator of the new partnership between 14 air navigation service providers (ANSPs), 4 airline groups and ACI EUROPE.

SDM focuses on the deployment of essential air traffic management solutions developed under SESAR - the technological pillar of the EU’s Single European Sky (SES). The new SESAR Deployment Manager has a mandate for more than five years until end 2027.

“I am delighted to welcome the new partnership for the SESAR Deployment Manager with EUROCONTROL as consortium coordinator to our premises. EUROCONTROL forecasts predict 13.8 million flights in the Network by 2030 - a development that urgently needs us to accelerate the deployment of new technologies that can modernise and digitalise air traffic management to increase capacity and make aviation in Europe more efficient, resilient and more sustainable.”

The consortium for the new SESAR Deployment Manager represents all perspectives and standpoints of the stakeholders involved in SESAR deployment:

  • 4 airline groups (Air France, easyjet, Lufthansa Group and Ryanair Group): covering 3 million flights with around 500 million passengers per year (one third of the overall European passengers);
  • 14 air navigation service providers (AustroControl, CroatiaControl, DFS, DSNA, Enaire, Enav, HungaroControl, IAA, LFV, Naviair, NAV Portugal, Pansa, Romatsa, Skyguide): controlling around 80% of flights in the European Union, as well as all major traffic flows operated in Europe, so around 8 million flights per year;
  • Airports: ACI EUROPE representing over 500 airports across 55 countries, able to provide the full airport operational perspective;
  • The EUROCONTROL Network Manager: best placed to provide a network-wide view, both in terms of technological deployment but also in terms of operational interoperability to ensure seamless functioning of the European ATM network.

A key priority for the new SDM will be to deliver on the Common Project One (CP1) – the EU Implementing Regulation designed to support sustainable ATM modernisation and digitalisation.

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