Latest successful interoperability advance sees ENAIRE transmit key aeronautical information using EUROCONTROL’s NewPENS B2B solution

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4 November 2020 marked an operational first, with ENAIRE, the Spanish air navigation service provider (ANSP), becoming the first ANSP to use NewPENS, the pan-European network service, to transmit its Airspace Use Plan (AUP) and Updated Airspace Use Plan (UUP) from LARA, the local and sub-regional airspace management system developed by EUROCONTROL, to the EUROCONTROL Network Manager (NM).

This is an important development for the network. Reliable AUP/UUP data enable NM to process flight plans and manage the European ATM network as efficiently as possible. Via the ultra-resilient NewPENS network, ENAIRE can exchange its aeronautical information with NM reliably, securely, safely and cost-efficiently, following successful connection tests from the Madrid and Barcelona area control centres. Since then, all AUP/UUP exchanges between the Spanish LARA system and NM have used NewPENS.

This latest successful application of NM’s pioneering B2B web services reflects ENAIRE’s commitment to evolving proactively its aeronautical information systems. ENAIRE started using LARA in January 2020 to coordinate and collect all airspace reservations, ensuring civil-military collaborative decision making from local to network level, and providing live situational awareness to civil and military partners.

Find out more about how LARA supports and enhances civil-military airspace management via advanced flexible use of airspace (AFUA) principles on our dedicated page. In addition, our dedicated page on NewPENS explains how NM’s flagship B2B system both enhances information exchange between ANSPs and other ATM stakeholders, and future SESAR solutions and applications, offering integrated business services that enable digital innovation in the aviation sector.

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