EASA re-certifies the European AIS Database (EAD)

On 7 December 2018, EUROCONTROL was re-certified as a pan-European Aeronautical Information Service Provider under the Single European Sky legislation on the provision of the European AIS Database (EAD).

This certification was awarded after a positive evaluation by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). It supersedes the EAD’s earlier certification dated 9 December 2016.

The European AIS Database (EAD) is the world’s largest Aeronautical Information System (AIS); it provides European ATM Information Management Services. It was developed by the EUROCONTROL Agency as a service to States and stakeholders.

EAD’s aim is to make high-quality, harmonised electronic aeronautical information constantly available and to meet users’ requirements for data quality and timeliness.

The service allows other Aeronautical Information Service Providers (AISPs) to enter and maintain their data in a central repository; users can retrieve and download AIS data in real time.

I am very proud that the EAD has been re-certified by EASA. The re-certification took place after EASA carried out site audits at the different EAD premises in order to review the EAD quality processes which were put in place for its first certification. The certification coincides with the inclusion of EAD within the Network Manager Implementing Rule and will enable the EAD to contribute further to the European ATM-AIS network’s efficiency and performance,” said Joe Sultana, Director Network Manager.

EAD has been providing AIS services for more than 15 years. To date, 37 States have fully aligned themselves with the EAD processes and systems in their Aeronautical Information Management solutions. 4 States are in the process of migrating and a further 12 States have plans to fully join the EAD service.  EAD users include European States, but also countries such as Canada, the Philippines and South-Africa.