Early CP1/SWIM compliance of EUROCONTROL Network Manager B2B Services offers major benefits to operational stakeholders

Digitalisation and information management

Hundreds of organisations such as air navigation services providers or aircraft operators that daily use the business to business (B2B) services of the EUROCONTROL Network Manager (NM) are now automatically CP1/SWIM compliant in all information exchanges with NM, following NM’s successful completion of the compliance assessment process of its B2B services.

This means that NM has now met the specifications set out as part of the CP1, or to give it its full name, the European Union Implementing Regulation for the Common Project One. CP1 is designed to support sustainable ATM modernisation and digitalisation and applies to EU airspace users and the European Network. Central to the CP1 are SWIM (System Wide Information Management) standards for system-to-system communication, enabling the management of ATM-related information via interoperable services such as the ones EUROCONTROL provides.

“The EUROCONTROL NM is the leader in SWIM adoption in Europe, working to provide business solutions for aviation that leverage the latest technology. I am glad to announce the early compliance of NM’s B2B services with CP1. The achievement of this very important goal proves once again our commitment to implementing the European ATM Master Plan’s vision of a Digital European Sky.”

The latest compliance assessment is good news for NM B2B services and their operational users, supporting operational stakeholders in achieving regulatory compliance with CP1, continuing to improve information exchange between them and the EUROCONTROL NM, and ensuring that these solutions continue to trigger creativity and innovation in air traffic management. Through NM B2B services, operational stakeholders can access EUROCONTROL NM services and data securely, and use them in their own systems.

The EUROCONTROL NM’s services allow for increased levels of automation and open the market to non-traditional players, providing new digital solutions that catalyse the digital transformation of ATM in Europe and make aviation processes more efficient and more sustainable.

NM’s operational B2B Services are now available in the European SWIM Registry as SWIM Compliant services, in accordance with the CP1 Implementing Regulation.

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