Copenhagen airport adopts B2B web services

Copenhagen airport adopts B2B web services

Copenhagen airport and the EUROCONTROL Network Manager successfully started exchanging information via our business-to-business (B2B) web services on 21 March 2018.

The NM B2B web services enable the automatic exchange of digital information supporting network-wide collaborative processes, as they integrate them seamlessly with local processes. 

The interface provided by NM gives system-to-system access to NM’s services and data, allowing customers to provide, retrieve and use the NM information in their own systems, depending on their business needs.

The NM B2B automatic data exchange brings several benefits, including:

  • enhanced data quality,
  • better accuracy,
  • more timely information,
  • simplified processes,
  • reduced costs and
  • improved safety.

Moreover, the Common Pilot Projects Regulation decrees that these flight information exchanges have to be compliant with System Wide Information Management (SWIM) and the so-called Yellow Profile in the near future. The B2B Web services are an enabler for SWIM compliance. 

A milestone achievement

By implementing NM’s B2B web services, Copenhagen Airport also became the first collaborative decision making (A-CDM) airport to forgo the legacy AFTN technology for data exchange. It will now send all its Departure Planning Information (DPI) messages via NM’s B2B Web services. 

Departure Planning Information (DPI) messages supply NM with updates to flight data only available from airport systems, so improving traffic predictions.

In 2018, we are collaborating with another five A-CDM airports (i.e. Amsterdam, Lisbon, Trondheim, Stavanger and Bergen) which intend to send DPI messages via B2B as well as with another five ADV ATC TWR airports (i.e. Warsaw, Exeter, Norwich, Derry and Coventry). This could raise the total number of airports sending DPI messages via B2B up to 12.