Collaborative Environmental Management (CEM): making a difference, here and now

18 April 2017

The biggest constraints to aviation’s sustainable growth are arguably not global, but local. Community opposition to airport expansion has grown steadily across much of Europe, voiced in the media and seen in public demonstrations. At most airports, it is the airport operator who often bears the brunt of local opposition.

For that reason, airports and other operational stakeholders - such as aircraft operators and air navigation service providers - need to pool their expertise and resources to address local concerns.

EUROCONTROL’s Collaborative Environmental Management (CEM) Specification describes a process through which the core operational stakeholders can come together to assess environmental issues affecting the airport and identify common solutions to what are often common concerns. This meeting of stakeholders is the ‘CEM Working Arrangement’, with roles and responsibilities set out in the CEM Specification.

“In addition to the Specification, stakeholders identified a need for a practical tool that would support them in setting up collaborative working arrangements, which is why we launched CEM Online at the end of 2016,” explains Sharon Mahony, EUROCONTROL’s CEM Project Leader.

Read our Skyway article to learn more about this web-based tool and the CEM working arrangement.


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